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Britney Spears Back to Dating, After Dumping Cheating Boyfriend (see!) 2

Britney Spears Back to Dating, After Dumping Cheating Boyfriend (see!)

Britney Spears looked on in horror as Jimmy Fallon revealed last night on the “Tonight Show” that he’d set up a profile for her on an online dating service now that she’s back on the market. But it was all in good fun, although she can’t feel too good about her cheating ex-boyfriend. Spears, 32, had been dating David Lucado, who was hailed as a “Mr. Nobody,” for 18 months before their relationship crashed and burned. ...
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Sexy Hot Britney Spears Subs for Fergie in Video (watch)

Britney Spears provides the eye candy as a futuristic fembot in a Power Rangers outfit for Black Eyed Peas band member’s video for his song “Scream and Shout.” She pulls it off, although she’s no Fergie. The video premiered on last night’s “X Factor,” where Spears, 30, is a judge. Although she’s far from her “Oops, I Did It Again,” days, she did it well enough. She looks sexy with big hair, big bangles, big black gloves and skimpy outfits....
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See! She's Not (Too) Crazy; Britney Spears Does Leno (watch!)

Britney Spears looked great on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and proved she still had her own hair after a magazine featured her on the cover looking like she was wearing a thick, ill-fitting blonde wig. As good as Spears, 30, looked, she still seemed to be tightly wound on the show. She appeared with X-Factor boss Simon Cowell. Cowell looked like he was wearing a halloween mask of himself. He face look puffy and gruesome from what appeared to be loads of botox. The Brit’s upper life was truly stiff. It never moved as he talked....