Rihanna Still the Twerk Queen in New 'Pour it Up' Video (watch!) 2

Rihanna Still the Twerk Queen in New ‘Pour it Up’ Video (watch!)

Rihanna makes sure everyone knows… ahem hello Miley Cyrus… she’s still the queen of twerk in her new video for her song “Pour it Up.” She pops more risqué moves than a burlesque chorus line and wears even fewer clothes. The R&B singer was the undisputed champion of unbridled sexuality, until Miley did…things… with her foam finger on the MTV Video Music Awards....
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Kate Middleton Cousin, Katrina Darling, New Playboy Photos

Katrina Darling, the randy second cousin to the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, is slowly being unveiled, or is that undressed, by Playboy. It’s showing off her new September issue cover along with a teaser photo. Darling, 22, is second cousin once removed to Middleton, although the two have never met. She only discovered her lineage after reporters starting looking into it....
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Kate Middleton Cousin, First Look Playboy Photos (See!)

Katrina Darling never realized she was related to Kate Middleton until Kate married Prince William. Now she’s making the most of it in Playboy. While she appears to be cut from a different rug than the stately Kate, the Middleton’s are a randy bunch as well. Saucy sister Pippa Middleton recently embarrassed the crown when she turned up at a debauched birthday party for a Paris aristocrat....