Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump Up to His Legal Eyeballs in Porn Stars, Playmates, Angry Women 2

Donald Trump Up to His Legal Eyeballs in Porn Stars, Playmates, Angry Women

Donald Trump is up to his legal eyeballs in porn stars, playmates and angry women who say he groped, harassed and assaulted them. Trump likes to claim firsts. Well, no president in history has faced such an onslaught of sexual misconduct charges. President Clinton had a consensual affair with a White House intern that never advanced beyond oral sex, and Republicans tried to impeach him. So where does that leave Trump?...
Did Donald Trump Hit on Aubrey O'Day While She Was Sleeping With Don Jr.? 4

Did Donald Trump Hit on Aubrey O’Day While She Was Sleeping With Don Jr.?

Donald Trump Jr. was working as an “adviser” on father Donald Trump’s NBC show — Celebrity Apprentice — when he began an affair with saucy contestant Aubrey O’Day. Was daddy Donald hitting on her at the same time? O’Day has suggested as much herself in scathing posts on social media. She’s hinted more than once that she has a tawdry story to tell about her experience on the show during Season 5, and it can only involve The Donald....
Donald Trump D'oh! Now NBC Won't Air Miss USA Over Immigrant Remark 8

Donald Trump D’oh! Now NBC Won’t Air Miss USA Over Immigrant Remark

Donald Trump is quickly becoming the Homor Simpson of presidential candidates after his remarks about Mexican immigrants, widely considered racist and insulting, prompted NBC to drop it’s planned coverage of the Miss USA Pageant next month. The Donald was unapologetic. Trump, 69, ignited a firestorm when he charged that Mexican immigrants, who often enter the country illegally, are “bringing drugs … they’re bringing crime … they’re rapists.”...
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Donald Trump Dumps Cheryl Tiegs: What the Hell Happened?

Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs knows when she’s out of her league, and not in a good way. She could barely make it through one episode of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” before begging to be fired. The Donald accommodated her. How the beauty got mixed up in this group of misfits, has-beens and reality show yahoos is a mystery. “Celebrity Apprentice” occupies one of the lowest rungs of realty television, and usually draws straight from the D-list....
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