Chevy Chase

Hillary Clinton Puts the ‘Hil’ in Hilarious in Saturday Night Live Open (watch!)

Hillary Clinton got a taste of what she will be up against on “Saturday Night Live,” once she kicks off her campaign for president. Would you believe cold, hard and calculating? Hello Dick Nixon. Clinton is expected to announce on today (Apr. 12) that she is launching her second campaign for president. Kate McKinnon owns the caricature of her as a hard-edged, polarizing pol totally lacking in warmth or charisma. Darrell Hammond plays Bill. ...

Hillary Clinton Gets SNL Takedown; Is She the Sarah Palin of 2016? (watch!)

Hillary Clinton signaled the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, not formally of course, but on “Saturday Night Live,” which may be just important to aspiring pols as winning the big primary states. Over the years, the sketch comedy show has had a field day with politicians and their screwy contortions–sometimes with devastating effect. Chevy Chase, of course, set the bar for SNL’s political satire back in the 1970s with his biting portrayal of then President Gerald Ford as a bumbling dolt....

Stars Hit ‘Saturday Night Live’ Red Carpet; See Your Favorites (photos!)

Kristen Wiig was within six degrees of separation from Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy and a slew of other “The Saturday Night Live” castmembers at the show’s 40th Anniversary celebration Sunday (Feb. 15) at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The event also included many of the show’s most memorable guests, from Jerry Seinfeld to Tom Hanks and John Goodman....

Chevy Chase Morbidly Obese, 40 Years After Starring on SNL (video)

Chevy Chase was one of the biggest stars on “Saturday Night Live” when the show debuted 40 years ago. But today he’s just big. He looked morbidly obese on the “Today” show during an appearance to talk about SNL’s early years. Chase, 71, was part of the founding cast of the show that included Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris and John Belushi. Chase was played the handsome leading man type on the show, founded the Weekend Update segment, which still appears today and starred in countless scripts. His impression of Gerald Ford’s bumbling may have cost the President his re-election....
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Chevy Chase Pulls Charlie Sheen; Blasts Boss (listen!)

Chevy Chase is no Charlie Sheen, but he doesn't hesitate to drop a profanity-laced put down of the suit who oversees his television show "Community." That would be creator, Executive Producer and Showrunner Dan Harmon, whose ego is just as big. The two have apparently embroiled in a major feud that has caught the attention of Hollywood and turned into a blood sport, largely because of leaks online....
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