Christopher Plummer

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Jean Dujardin, The Artist Prove Silence is Golden at Oscars

Jean Dujardin and his film, “The Artist, took top honors–Best Actor and Best Picture, respective– at the 84 Academy Awards on a night that had enough surprises mixed with predictability to keep the awards show interesting. “I love your country,” the French-born Dujardin shouted. He thanked silent star Douglas Fairbanks. The actor’s joie de vivre inspired his performance, he added....
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Christopher Plummer Marks Career High; Oldest Oscar Winner

Christopher Plummer's stirring performance in "The Beginners" was rewarded with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He virtually stole the film as Hal, the gay father of Ewan McGregor's character, Oliver. Plummer, 82, was the oldest actor to win and Oscar, which was also his first despite a distinguished career in film....
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Viola Davis, 'The Help' Win Night of Big Dreams at SAG Awards

Viola Davis was named best actress and her movie “The Help” won for best ensemble cast, marking a night of big dreams come true at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. “The Artist” juggernaut was stopped cold. “The Help” won three awards while only French actor Jean Dujardin represented “The Artist” on the awards podium. He won best actor in a drama for his role as silent film star George Valentin....