Christopher Wallace

Suge Knight Had Long History of Crime, Shady Deals Before Hit & Run

Marion “Suge” Knight, a rap impresario, founder of Death Row Records and self-styled gangster, had a long string of crimes and shady deals before his latest troubles–a hit-and-run that led to the death of one man and serious injury of another. The fatal hit-and-run happened in Compton today (Jan. 29) following a promotional video shoot for upcoming biopic about the pioneering rap group NWA....
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New Evidence in Biggie Smalls Murder Points to Ex-LA Cop

Rapper Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls and "The Notorious B.I.G." was gunned down by an armor-piercing 9mm bullet, according to newly released FBI files. The evidence raises questions, once again, about the possible involvement of a corrupt police officer in the murder....