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Why Charlie Sheen Decided Not to Show for Two and a Half Men Finale 2

Why Charlie Sheen Decided Not to Show for Two and a Half Men Finale

Charlie Sheen may not have made the finale of his long-running series “Two and a Half Men,” but his character was there without him for the climax of the long-running sit-com. Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Stamos, Judy Greer, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Christian Slater were among the guest stars in the finale. Also making appearances were Conchata Ferrell as maid Berta, Angus T. Jones as nephew Jake and Amber Tamblyn as daughter Jenny....
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Charlie Sheen Relapse; Hookers, Hooch, Crack Cocaine Alleged

Charlie Sheen kicked the tiger’s blood and tirades, but is back to his addiction for hookers, booze and drugs, according to a new report. He’s allegedly cooking his own crack and hiring $25,000 a night call girls. The allegations include almost superhuman drug abuse, involving as much as an ounce of cocaine a day, which he is cutting and cooking down himself into crack, which creates a sharper, albeit shorter high. “For at least the last eight months or so Charlie has been having a quarter to half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him every single day and was spending nearly $2,000 a day on drugs,” an “associate” of the actor told gossip site radaronline....
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Ashton Kutcher Re-Ups, Finds Home on Two and Half Men

The great Ashton Kutcher gamble on CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men” appears to have paid off. The actor has re-upped for another season along with cast members Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. And the show is on an upswing in the ratings. But there was still a Charlie Sheen connection to its two biggest nights....
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Charlie Sheen Gets Last Laugh With Show Promo (watch!)

Charlie Sheen knows how to play off a joke. He’s spoofing his old show “Two and a Half Men,” with a promo for his new show “Anger Management.” Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Sheen starred for eight seasons on “Two and a Half Men” before a blow up with show co-creator Chuck Lorre unceremoniously led to his firing in 2010....