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Bobbi Kristina Brown Comatose Hospice Photo Surfaces Online (see!)

Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly pictured comatose in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask in a new photo that has surfaced online in the National Enquirer, which is notorious for publishing death bed and funeral photos of celebrities. The photo, which appears on the magazine’s latest issue and online also contains a shocking headline claiming there is “proof” she was murdered, presumably by her half-brother and lover Nick Gordon. Father Bobby Brown, who was divorced from mom Whitney Houston and aunt, Pat Houston, who married Whitney’s brother, are co-guardians. ...

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Aunt Slaps Down Latest Report on Her Condition

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown, posted a strongly worded Facebook message urging the public to “please ignore any of these LIES coming from the media” after a report surface that Whitney Houston’s daughter was being taken home to die. TheImproper reported in April that if and when Bobbi Kristina lives or dies has a huge impact on how her estate, estimated at $12 million to $20 million, is divided among her relatives....

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Who Wins, Who Loses If She Lives or Dies (Exclusive)

Bobbi Kristina Brown lies somewhere between life and death after her near drowning, but one thing is certain: Her fate will have a profound impact on family members–and their financial welfare–depending on whether she lives or dies. At stake is an estimated $12 million to $20 million estate and potentially tens of millions of dollars more annualy almost in perpetuity from branding and licensing opportunities....

Whitney Houston Casket Photo Mystery Unsolved After Two Years

Whitney Houston’s tragic death two years ago this month on the eve of the Grammy Awards, turned into a major tabloid scandal when a photo of her lying in her casket was published. So far the mystery of who took it remains unsolved. Some called the photo decked out in her favorite purple dress and a reported $500,000 in jewelry “beautiful.” But The National Enquirer, which has a long sordid history of publishing photos of deceased celebrities, was widely condemned....
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Whitney Houston Worst Nightmare: Daughter to Wed 'Brother' (video)

The late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and the singer’s adopted son Nick Gordon are engaged to be married. The 19-year-old confirmed the union on her reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own.” The news comes after Brown denied for months that a sapphire and diamond ring she was seen wearing on her ring finger was, in fact, an engagement ring. Brown announced the news during a scene on her show to the astonishment of her family. “We’re engaged!” she shouted....
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Oprah Responds to Critics of Bobbi Kristina Talk (watch!)

Oprah Winfrey always tries to do good, but it doesn’t mean she always does well. The talk show queen has come under fire for her interview with Bobbi Kristina, the troubled daughter of the late Whitney Houston, and members of the Houston family. The interview aired last weekend on Oprah’s struggling OWN network and was its biggest ratings getter since the network started. More than 8 million people tuned in, hoping to find some answers that could explain tragic end of one of America’s most-love music icons....
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Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon Ignite Houston Family Uproar (video)

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has created a new crisis for the grief-stricken Houston family. She’s been spotted getting hot and heavy with her “brother” Nick Gordon much to the distress of Whitney’s mother. Cissy Houston, who is deeply religious, believes the couple are engaging in what amounts to incest, even though Gordon is not a blood relative of the Houston’s....
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Exclusive: Inside Whitney Houston's Spectacular Rise, Fall

There are few people in the world of show business who have achieved Whitney Houston's career heights. She is one of the top recording artists in the history of popular music, which makes her sudden death at 48 after years of drug abuse all the more tragic. She hit her creative high point in 1992 with the phenomenal international No. 1 hit “I Will Always Love You.”...
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Cissy Houston, Bobby Brown Fight Over Whitney's Death Detailed

Singer Bobby Brown's reportedly had an angry confrontation with Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, the day before his ex-wife and mother of his child was laid to rest earlier this month. It may explain his angry behavior at the funeral. Brown and Cissy Houston reportedly met on the day before Whitney's funeral Feb. 18 and had a blowout fight. Cissy put the blame squarely on Bobby for the superstar singer's death. Drugs and alcohol appear to be the cause, pending results of toxicology tests....
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Whitney Houston Casket Photo Condemned, Called Beautiful

National Enquirer publisher Mary Beth Wright called the photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin "beautiful," but the tabloid newspaper faced widespread condemnation from other media outlets and the public-- even as they couldn't avert their eyes from the image. Among other things, The Enquirer introduced a whole new generation of Americans to the kind of bare-knuckle journalism that existed at the dawn of the tabloid era in the 1970s....
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Did Bobby Brown Sis Sell Whitney Houston Casket Photo?

Whitney Houston looks at peace and quite regal in her final photo laying in her casket. The photo was apparently taken at the private family-only viewing and sold to The National Enquirer. But who would do such a thing? Publishing photos of celebrities lying dead in their caskets is a time-honored tabloid tradition. Elvis Presley was subjected to the same treatment when he died in 1977....
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Whitney Houston Had Dark Secret; Did it Help Kill Her?

Whitney Houston's disastrous marriage to Bobby Brown and her ultimate demise may have been triggered, in part, because she loved a woman. She lived in fear her lesbianism would destroy her family and career. Although rumors followed her throughout her life, she never addressed them, nor did her alleged lover Robyn Crawford, a lifelong friend. But it profoundly affected her life....
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Whitney Houston Death Brings Out Life's Lurid Details

Whitney Houston lived a very public life, but the details of her private life were largely unknown until her death, Feb. 11. In the days since then, some of those close to her have revealed the lurid details of her decline. Whatever the rumors were, they never overpowered her image as a superstar. Even in the depths of her crack-ravaged period, there always seemed to be a feeling that Whitney would work through it, pull herself together and resume her stellar career. After all, she was only 48 when she died....
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Stevie Wonder Leads Celebrities at Whitney Houston Funeral

Stevie Wonder, who has seen his own career parallel Whitney Houston’s in so many ways, gave a moving tribute to the fallen star, singing one of her favorite songs, “Ribbons in the Sky” with modified lyrics to match the sad occasion. He spoke to mother Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick and all of the family. “I want you to know as have millions of people said not just in this time but throughout her career, we loved her so much and that won’t stop....
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Kevin Costner Has Right Stuff for Whitney Houston Eulogy (video)

Kevin Costner noted how much different he and Whitney Houston were, yet were so much alike in so many ways. He spoke movingly about his relationship with his "Bodyguard" co-star at the singer's all-star funeral. Costner, 57, seemed a little out of place when he was announced as one of the speakers, but her shared genuine moments with Whitney that recalled their surprisingly close relationship during filming of the 1992 movie....
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Whitney Houston Funeral to Air Live on Internet (watch here)

Whitney Houston’s funeral Saturday (Feb. 16) at noon will be a star-studded invitation only event that will include musical performances and eulogies by stars like Kevin Costner. Fans will be able to watch through a live stream over the Internet. A single video camera will capture the footage of the funeral which will be shown live online through TheImproper. Click here and bookmark this page to follow the service....
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Bobby Brown Scorned by Whitney Houston's Family: Here's Why

Bobby Brown is widely hated by close members of Whitney Houston's family, including mother Cissy Houston. And with good reason. Whitney's marriage to the singer marked the beginning of her downward spiral, and they have never forgiven him. Although the couple divorced in 2007 after 14 years of marriage, the bitterness still lingers and appears to have intensified since Whitney's sudden death Saturday (Feb. 11) on the eve of the Grammy Awards Show....
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Whitney Houston: Was Her Sudden Death Accident or Suicide?

Whitney Houston's sudden death at 48 on the eve of the biggest music event of their year may have been a shock to everyone but herself. Police have just begun their investigation, but can't rule out any outcome, including suicide. In the hours since her death, theories are beginning to emerge about the circumstances surrounding her death. There is no evidence of foul play, at least that much seems certain, according to reports....
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