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Claire Danes Cleans Up CIA Snafu in New 'Homeland' Tailer (watch) 2

Claire Danes Cleans Up CIA Snafu in New ‘Homeland’ Tailer (watch)

Claire Danes, a hot-to-trot CIA agent in Showtime series “Homeland” learns in a new trailer what government bureaucrats mean by the term Snafu–situation normal all fu*ked up. Danes’ character Carrie Mathison is called into the office when a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan goes awry. Instead of taking out a terrorist leader, the drone missile strikes a school, killing mostly children. It’s a public relations nightmare for the CIA and Mathison suspects a set up. ...
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Claire Danes Powerful Sexuality Drives Homeland Home (photos!)

Claire Danes’ hit show “Homeland” is filming its second season that hopefully will resolve how her character Carrie deals with her bi-polar disorder. But’s she had time for a hot new photo shoot in the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Homeland, which airs on the Showtime network, was one of last year’s sleeper hits. It not only posted strong ratings for a cable show, but was a darling of the critics as well....