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Rihanna Finally Leaves Nothing to Imagination in Full Frontal Photos

Rihanna is very comfortable with her own nudity… maybe too comfortable. The Barbadian beauty was caught without clothes changing bathing suits in her hotel suite in full view through an open door. The photos have since gone viral. The R&B singer has been vacationing in her native Barbados. She’s never been shy about her body and has released a steady stream of photos over Twitter and Instagram in various stages of undress....
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What Has Robert Pattinson Done Now!? Check This Out!

Robert Pattinson is known for his sexy, disheveled hair thanks to his character Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” movies. But he seems desperate to run away from that image, now that filming has ended. But what has he done this time? Check him out. Pattinson and off-screen girlfriend Kristen Stewart were out in Los Angeles and stopped by a sushi restaurant to grab a bite to eat. An intrepid fan, Deja Carter, went up to them and asked for a photo together....