Lady Gaga rocked out at Coachella in a set that featured her latest song 'The Cure.' (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga Takes Coachella by Storm, Subs for Pregnant Beyonce (vid, pics!)

Lady Gaga had it all at the Coachella Music Festival in her headlining set, filling in for Beyoncé. But sold herself short at the end by marring her performance with a bit of crass commercialism to sell her new song “The Cure.” Sure, Coachella lost its innocence years ago. It’s blown up into a celebrity-infested cluster fuck, but you could always count on the music to maintain its integrity....
Robert Pattinson Fuels Wild Tabloid 'Hook Up' Rumors at Coachella 2

Robert Pattinson Fuels Wild Tabloid ‘Hook Up’ Rumors at Coachella

Robert Pattinson created a cottage industry of new tabloid rumors after he was spotted at the Coachella Music Festival. But who was he hooking up with? The was the question and friend Katy Perry was the most obvious answer. The story has been too juicy to pass up fueled by the fact that Pattinson and Perry were actually in close proximity to each other at the festival....