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Britney Spears Ignites Bidding War for Vegas Show Deal

Britney Spears may have gotten the boot from “X-Factor” (or quit, whatever), they love her in Las Vegas. She’s reportedly touched off a bidding war for her services. Only one problem is she prepared mentally for the grueling pace of daily shows? Spears’ mental health has been a big question....
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Britney Spears Breakup: Is It a Good or Bad Sign for Songstress?

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have split. This could be very good for Britney, or very bad. Spears has reportedly been bristling under the conservatorship that gives all financial and personal control of her life to Trawick and dad Jamie Spears. Is she trying to break free? Or is this an effort by her controlling father Jaime Spears to exert even more control over his tightly wound daughter....