Suge Knight Caught Running Over Men by Security Video; Warning Graphic 4

Suge Knight Caught Running Over Men by Security Video; Warning Graphic

Marion “Suge” Knight, the troubled hip-hop impresario, is shown in a newly released security video running over two men in his truck, which led to murder charges. The video provides a clear view of what went down, although it’s being interpreted differently. Knight’s defense attorney claims the video exonerates Knight, who was in fear for his life at the time of the incident and was attempting to flee the scene. Prosecutors believe the video shows Knight willfully ran over the men in a wanton act of murder....
Hannah Graham Update: Body Found in Shallow Creek May Not Be Hers   6

Hannah Graham Update: Body Found in Shallow Creek May Not Be Hers

Hannah Graham’s body may not be the one police stumbled onto in a shallow creek bed over the weekend, judging by the police description of the remains, which suggests they could be too old to be Graham’s. Police found a skull and bones Sunday (Oct. 19) “scattered” in a creek bed near a vacant home. It could take days, if not longer to make a positive identification either through an examination of dental records or by comparing DNA samples. But there are at least some preliminary indications that it may not be her, according to a police description of the remains....
Justin Bieber Canadian Arrest Could Get Him Kicked Out of U.S... For Real 8

Justin Bieber Canadian Arrest Could Get Him Kicked Out of U.S… For Real

Justin Bieber’s arrest in Canada on assault and dangerous driving charges could seriously threaten his visa to live and work in the United States, according legal sources and an examination of immigration laws. Bieber could face deportation because he’s now in danger of violating probation in an egg throwing incident involving his Calabasas, Calif neighbor last January. Bieber pleaded guilty in July to misdemeanor vandalism for the egging. ...
Shia LaBouf Could Cut Plea Deal for 'Cabaret' Bust Up at Studio 54 10

Shia LaBouf Could Cut Plea Deal for ‘Cabaret’ Bust Up at Studio 54

Shia LaBouf was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment in Manhattan criminal court this morning (July 24) but may never face charges or spend a day in jail. Is he getting a celebrity pass? Labouf, 28, was arrested on June 26 after disrupting a performance of the musical Cabaret in a drunken rage at Studio 54 in Manhattan. The show stars Broadway veteran Alan Cumming....
Cameron Thor, Well Known Acting Coach, Accused in Lolita Rape 12

Cameron Thor, Well Known Acting Coach, Accused in Lolita Rape

Cameron Thor, a Los Angeles acting coach who has appeared in such movies as Jurassic Park, apparently took his method acting too far with a 13-year-old girl. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault for carrying on a year-long affair. Police said the 54-year-old actor was being held last night on $2.6 million bond. His acting studio boasts that it’s clients have included Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, Helen Hunt and Sylvester Stallone....
Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link... Rush Limbaugh  14

Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link… Rush Limbaugh

Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post film critic widely criticized for suggesting Elliot Rodger went on a murder spree because of frat boy movies, has at least one media ally, ultra-conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh drew a connection between the murders at the University of California Santa Barbara and the movie “Hunger Games.” On his syndicated radio show, Limbaugh pointed out that Elliot’s father Peter Roger worked as an assistant director on the first movie in the series. ...
Hollywood In Uproar After Film Critic Links Mass Murder to Movies 16

Hollywood In Uproar After Film Critic Links Mass Murder to Movies

Seth Rogan and much of Hollywood are raking Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday over the coals for claiming that mass murderer Elliot Rodger is a product of Hollywood’s male-dominated culture and the “sexist, misogynistic” movies it produces. There’s nothing new or original about that. It’s an old saw that gets taken out of the barn anytime a convenient scapegoat is needed to explain something. Hornaday, a government major at Smith College and a Pulitzer finalist in criticism, should know better. ...
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Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Guilty, Or Thought Crime Victim?

Gilberto Valle, the NYPD officer who became known as the cannibal cop, even though he never actually ate anyone, was found guilty today (Mar. 12) and faces life in prison. Has justice been done, or was Valle convicted for a thought crime? It's hard to engender much sympathy for someone who fantasized about committing the worst kinds of crimes, but the question is critical in the age of the Internet....
Lindsay Lohan Almost Certain to Face Jail After New York Fracas (video) 18

Lindsay Lohan Almost Certain to Face Jail After New York Fracas (video)

Lindsay Lohan was hoping her star turn in “Liz & Dick would mark her comeback. Instead it may be her swan song. The star-crossed star could be facing six months to a year in jail after running up a string of criminal charges on top of her probation for felony theft. Lohan, 26, has skated criminal charges and jail time more than once for petty bad behavior and misdemeanor crimes. But it’s hard to see how she can avoid a stretch now. Lohan was arrested last night (Nov. 28) in New York City after she allegedly got into an altercation with another woman and struck her in the face. Police are still gathering evidence in the case, but still had probable cause to charge her with a third degree misdemeanor assault....
Nicole Brown Simpson Murderer May Be Little Known Serial Killer  20

Nicole Brown Simpson Murderer May Be Little Known Serial Killer

Nicole Brown Simpson, wife of O.J. Simpson, may have been killed by Glen Rogers, a drifter who once said he killed 50 people and has been convicted of at least two murders. But the football superstar may still have had an indirect hand in his ex-wife’s death. The bizarre case of Rogers, who is awaiting a death sentence in Florida, is the subject of a new documentary by the television show, “Investigation Discovery.” Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were found brutally murdered in 1994. They both had been stabbed repeatedly and brutally. The former football star became a prime suspect and was tried, but acquitted of the crimes in a sensational Hollywood trial....
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Johnny Lewis Murder Victim Catherine Davis Actors' Patron Saint

Johnny Lewis’s murder of Catherine Chabot Davis is resonating in Hollywood, where the 81-year-old woman was looked on as a patron saint of young actors looking for their first break and other actors down on their luck. Although neighbors in her wealthy Los Feliz neighborhood has described her in less than glowing terms, Val Kilmer, Parker Posey, Thomas Jane, Paula Poundstone, Chris Parnell and others all lived at her house at one time in their careers, according to actor and comedian Taylor Negron, who also resided there and knew Davis well....
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Actor Johnny Lewis May Have Been High on Deadly Designer Drug

Actor Johnny Lewis who went berzerk and killed his 81-year-old landlord, beat three others and died in a fall from a rooftop, either by accident or suicide, may have been taking a relatively new designer drug that causes hallucinations. It will take an autopsy and toxicology tests to determine, what if anything, Lewis was on when he went on his bizarre spree on Wednesday (Sept. 27) in the posh Loz Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Police sources say investigators are trying to determine whether Lewis may have been under the influence of a drug known as C2-I. It’s a a new designer drug and may not be currently legal. On the street, it is known as “smiles.” It’s said to be hallucinogenic, like LSD....
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Actor Johnny Lewis Dead; Dated Katy Perry, Worked With Kristen Stewart

Johnny Lewis, an actor who starred in TV shows “Sons of Anarchy” and “The O.C.” and used to date Katy Perry, apparently went berzerk and murdered an 81-year-old woman, before dying in an apparent leap, or fall from the roof of the woman’s house. Lewis, 28, is well known in Hollywood and has worked steadily since he was a teenager in a variety of roles. He’s appeared in nearly a dozen films, including 2010′s “The Runaways” with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. He dated Perry in 2006 and was frequently photographed with her at events and about town....
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Lone Gunman's Rampage Ends in More Meaningless Deaths

An apparent lone gunman's rampage in a Denver movie theater during a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," raises questions once again about the easy availability of guns and the prevailing social psychology that motivates people to engage in wanton murder. According to police, the shooter, identified as James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, Colo., had no discernible motive and has no links to any organized terrorist group....
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Henry Hill, Mobster of 'Goodfellas' Fame, Dies Peacefully at 69

Henry Hill, the infamous New York mobster whose life became the basis for Martin Scorsese's gangster movie "Goodfellas," has died at 69 but not in jail, or by a mob hit as he long feared. The notorious mobster passed away in a Los Angeles hospital from an undisclosed illness. “"He had been sick for a long time ... his heart gave out," his girlfriend told gossip site TMZ....
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George Zimmerman Charged With Murder; Will It Stick?

George Zimmerman, who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin in a confrontation that still has many unanswered questions, has been charged with second degree murder. Florida State's Attorney Angela Corey, who is acting as a special prosecutor, announced yesterday evening that she will charge Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder, weeks after he confessed to killing Trayvon. Zimmerman is in custody, according to Corey....
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Spy Anna Chapman Nearly Cracked Obama Inner Circle

Red hot Russian spy Anna Chapman was more threatening than her Keystone Kop spy ring appeared to be. She was hot on the seduction trail of a key Obama administration official when the FBI pounced on her band of hapless undercover agents. FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi made the startling claim during a BBC documentary that aired last night. He said she came close to bedding one of Obama's inner circle. ...
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Lindsay Lohan Party Over; Not My Thing, Anymore (photos)

Lindsay Lohan takes her comeback campaign to NBC's "Today Show" and makes clear she's no party girl...anymore, that is. She tells Matt Lauer she's “clean and sober.” The interview set to air Thursday was kind of a confessional for the hot mess actress, who is trying to get the message across that she is serious about cleaning up her act....
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Lindsay Lohan Adds Another Comeback Notch: SNL Host

Lindsay Lohan is taking another stop in her comeback effort, She's landed a return spot as host on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." She also will have a powerful music guest, Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes. The move will give her a chance to regain control of her image. Since her DUI arrest in 2007 and the string of legal problems that followed, she's been a creature of the tabloids....
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Lindsay Lohan Channels ’60s Sex Kitten Sexuality (photos!)

Lindsay Lohan looks like a latter day '60s sex kitten in new photos from UK's Love magazine. She does a sexy tough-girl pose with a cig dangling from her heavily rouged, bee-stung lips. Lohan, 25, is working hard to resurrect her career and she's being mentioned for a possible starring role in a television movie about the love affair between '60s screen stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. She would play Elizabeth....
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