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Kate Winslet’s New Grief: Husband Has Secret Sexual Fetish

Kate Winselt, the Oscar winning English actress, has become enmeshed in a sex scandal involving her new husband, Ned RocknRoll. The nephew of British mogul Richard Branson apparently has a secret sexual cross-dressing fetish. There had to be something cheeky about a man who changes his last name to RocknRoll. But there’s nothing frivolous about his frock fetish. RocknRoll, 34, has filed a lawsuit with London’s High Court to block publication of photos. ...
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Kate Middleton Cousin, Katrina Darling, New Playboy Photos

Katrina Darling, the randy second cousin to the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, is slowly being unveiled, or is that undressed, by Playboy. It’s showing off her new September issue cover along with a teaser photo. Darling, 22, is second cousin once removed to Middleton, although the two have never met. She only discovered her lineage after reporters starting looking into it....