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Chrissy Teigen Having Designer Baby; Doctors Call Practice ‘Unethical’

Chrissy Teigen shockingly revealed in a new interview that she is having a designer baby with singer John Legend, even though the American Medical Association says choosing a baby simply based on sex is “unethical.” The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, an arm of the American Medical Association, said in the mid-1990s that using genetic selection for anything other preventing or curing specific diseases should not be practiced by doctors. ...
Kim Kardashian Denies Using IVF to Create 'Unethical' Designer Baby 2

Kim Kardashian Denies Using IVF to Create ‘Unethical’ Designer Baby

Kim Kardashian denied today being implanted with only male embryos during in vitro fertilization treatments, but she’s contradicted by her own previous statements that she’s “known for a while” she was having a boy, even though its too early in her pregnancy to tell the sex of the fetus. IM broke the story three days ago (June 23) that it would be impossible to tell the sex of the baby this early in her pregnancy, simply because the fetus isn’t developed enough based on her own statements. A new report in USWeekly, citing a source, reported that Kim was only impregnated with male embryos because husband Kanye West wanted a boy and an heir....
Kim Kardashian Says She's Having a Boy? But Baby Math Doesn't Add Up 4

Kim Kardashian Says She’s Having a Boy? But Baby Math Doesn’t Add Up

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her a boy? The reality star announced last night that she and Kanye West are have “actually known baby No. 2’s gender for a while now,” according to E! News. But that would be impossible… unless. Unless Kim underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) with a designer baby. While Kim hasn’t said exactly how she got pregnant, or when, the reality television network confirmed June 3 that her due date is in December. Here's where the math gets fuzzy. ...