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Zoey Deutch a Disney Teen Queen No More: See Her Risque Photo Spread!

Zoey Deutch is best known as Maya Bennett on the Disney Channel television series “The Suite Life on Deck.” But Zoey has traded in sweet for sultry in a stunning new photo spread in Flaunt magazine. What would Mickey Mouse say? Her father is Director Howard Deutch, known for ’80s teen classic “Pretty in Pink,” and “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Mom is actress, Lea Thompson, who was a teen queen back in her day....

Willow Smith Has English Accent on Queen Latifah Show (watch!)

Willow Smith what’s up? She sounds more like a mini-Naomi Campbell than then daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith during an appearance on the Queen Latifah show. Where’d she get that English accent? Willow’s adolescence has been on fast forward ever since she turned 9-years-old and started performing in risque videos....

Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Critics Overwrought, Humorless, Prudish

Miley Cyrus’s shocking–shocking!–performance on the MTV Video Music Awards is still burning up the Internet as critics wag their fingers and scold her for her risque performance with Robin Thicke. What would Hannah Montana say? But the truth is, she’s no longer Hannah Montana and MTV isn’t the Disney Channel. Her squeaky clean show ended in 2010, nearly three years ago. And, guess what? Miley has grown up. How much longer does she have to be held accountable to a fan base that no longer exists?...

Selena Gomez Nixes Justin Bieber Role on Wizards Reunion Show

Selena Gomez was the undisputed star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” so there’s no question now that she’s calling the shots on the hour-long Wizards reunion show. But did she really ban Justin Bieber landing a cameo role in the special? Gomez may only be 20, but she’s also the show’s executive producer and undoubtedly has a lot of say over the production. The Biebs thought he had a lock on a spot because his girlfriend is executive producing. But Selena put her foot down because she feared the popular pop star would ruin the integrity of her Disney Channel series....
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Selena Gomez: I Want Much More Out of Life (photos)

Selena Gomez has done a good job laying the groundwork for a long entertainment career and she’s grateful for the opportunities, but she wants more, a lot more, for herself she tells Teen Vogue in its upcoming September issue. Her stunning photos suggest she’ll get it. “Acting is something I would like to take on more seriously,” she tells the magazine....
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