Donald Trump lying

Donald Trump State of the Union Vision Forged on Lies, Half-Truths, Distortions

Donald Trump, who already holds the record for telling the most lies of any President in modern history during his first year in office, continued that practice last night during the State of the Union address. His vision of America was premised on lies, half-truths and distortions. He spoke of bipartisanship and unity. But he couldn’t mask his administration’s cynical, divisive agenda, or avoid making, in some cases stupendously, false claims about his accomplishments in his first year in office....

John Oliver Dissects Clinton, Trump Scandals on Last Week Tonight (video)

John Oliver takes a hard look at supposed scandals involving Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. They have been exaggerated so much as to render them almost meaningless. Hillary’s, that is. Trump’s, it turns out, are pretty much as described. “You can be irritated by some of Hillary’s; that is understandable. But you should then be fu*king outraged by Trump’s,” he said. ...
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