Drew Pinsky

Drew Pinsky Denies Hillary Clinton Health Remarks Led to Canceled Show

Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew to fans, hotly denied a reports that the cancellation of his HLN Network show had anything to do with his remarks about Hillary Clinton’s health. Nor was there an effort by parent CNN to force him to retract his comments. Pinsky release a statement through is rep following an erroneous report in the low-flying New York Post tabloid....

Drew Pinsky Show Dropped by HLN After IM Report on Ethics Violations

Drew Pinsky, best known as the “love” doctor and an addiction specialist, has been dropped by the HLN network only two days after IM published a report about doctors who are violating medical ethics by commenting on the health of presidential candidates. Pinsky has a long history of making sensational medical diagnoses of celebrities and others without ever examining, seeing their records, or even knowing them....

Doctors Violate Medical Ethics for Speculating on Health of Candidates

Doctors such as sex therapist Drew Pinsky are violating medical ethics by speculating on the health of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton without ever examining then or reviewing their medical records, according to medical ethicists. A number of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists have weighed in on the candidates’ health in this election cycle. ...

Drew Pinsky: Drugs Killed Whitney Houston; Slams Celebrity Docs

Whitney Houston died from her addiction to prescription drugs, which are easily obtained from Beverly Hills doctors who crave celebrity patients, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist and television show host. Pinsky, who hosts reality shows, “Celebrity Rehab” and “Dr. Drew,” slammed doctors who over-prescribe painkillers and other narcotics to celebrities. Celebrities are more likely to die from prescriptions than illegal drugs, today, he said....
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