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Will Robert Pattinson Film Explore James Dean's Secret Gay Life? 2

Will Robert Pattinson Film Explore James Dean’s Secret Gay Life?

Robert Pattinson’s new movie about the relationship between ’50s film icon James Dean and celebrity photographer Dennis Stock would be remiss if it didn’t explore Dean’s homosexuality. But so far no word on whether that topic will be included. Dean personally kept his sexuality clouded during his short Hollywood career. He even had a high profile romance with actress Pier Angeli. But privately, especially before he became famous, Dean was linked to affairs with a number of men...
Robert Pattinson Cast in James Dean Film; Guess Who He'll Play! 4

Robert Pattinson Cast in James Dean Film; Guess Who He’ll Play!

Robert Pattinson has often been compared to 50s-era movie star James Dean. Now he’ll star in a new movie “Life,” about Dean and his enduring friendship with Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock. But guess who will be playing Dean, the iconic anti-hero. It won’t be Rob. He’s slated to play Stock while Dane DeHaan will play Dean, who became a Hollywood legend, even though he only starred in three films and and appeared uncredited in four other pictures before he died in a 1955 car crash....
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Kristen Stewart Seduces Herself in Black Lace Lingerie (photos!)

Kristen Stewart is dark and alluring in black lace lingerie in a series of stunning portraits in Elle magazine. She plays the woman as well as the man, and is sexy in either role. She clearly wants meatier roles that let her explore all facets of her personality. She has her eye on a screen adaptation of the novel “Lie Down In Darkness,” she told the magazine....