Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao Fight It Out SNL Style (watch!)

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were billed as the fight of the century, so NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” which aired opposite the bout came up with a bright idea… pirate the feed. Well, almost; it spoofed the fight in the show’s cold open. Mayweather looked slightly taller in the SNL version and Pacquiao looked like a girl. In fact, he was played by a girl, Aidy Bryant....

Justin Bieber Hoses GossipCop, ABC News, TMZ on Private Plane Folly

Justin Bieber farted and a slew of web sites said it smell like roses. That’s an apt analogy for Bieber’s claim that he bought a high-priced Gulfstream G650 private jet for a Christmas present. But like Bieber’s farts, it stinks to high heaven. But that didn’t stop a slew of gossip sites from People magazine to ABC News, Fox News, GossipCop, TMZ and dozen of lesser sites from reporting it as fact. An TheImproper investigation, however, flushed that crap right out of the news cycle. This site reported two days ago that Bieber did not own a jet. We did what every other news site should have done–checked with Federal Aviation Administration....

Robert Pattinson Has a New Interest: The Sweet Science!

Robert Pattinson’s interests are ever evolving. Now that he is no longer dating Kristen Stewart he's developed an interest in boxing! “It’s beautiful, really,” he says in a new interview. And, he thinks it has some things in common with acting. Rob was doing an interview with Sports & Style magazine in France when the subject came up indirectly....
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Justin Bieber Gets in Ring With Floyd Mayweather (watch!)

Justin Bieber ramped up his hip-hop lifestyle, joining the entourage of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bieber was joined by rappers 50-cent, and Lil Wayne. To be honest, the Biebs looked slightly overwhelmed. The 18-year-old singer was put to good use, however. He was one of the champ’s belt boys. He got to carry two of Mayweather’s championship belts into the ring....
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