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Margot Robbie Makes Wolves Howl as Hollywood’s New ‘It Girl’ (photos!)

Margo Robbie scored a breakout role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street,” and she cemented her spot as Hollywood’s latest ‘It Girl’ in her role opposite Will Smith in the con movie “Focus.” The Australian actress is featured in the new UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar, which describes her as a “perfect a specimen of young womanhood.” In a photo spread, she exudes charm, sexuality and a wholesome freshness that seems to be endemic in women from Down Under. ...
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Kristen Stewart Loses Leading Man, Ben Affleck, for New Film 'Focus'

Kristen Stewart won’t get back to work on a film right away as she hoped following the end of the “Twilight” saga. Her next project has lost its leading man. Ben Affleck has dropped out of the production. Does he regret signing on Kristen? Stewart, 22, was anxious to sink her teeth in a new project to put behind her both “Twilight” and her sordid summer affair with Snow White Director Rupert Sanders....