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Seth MacFarlane Nixes Oscar Return; Why It's a Thankless Job

Seth MacFarlane got one thing right about hosting the Oscars; it’s a thankless job. No wonder he doesn’t want any part of it again. That’s because like all award shows, the Oscars is inherently dull, yet on television dull equals death. Bob Hope set the gold standard for Oscar shows, hosting a record 18 times....
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Megan Fox Eats Humble Pie After Lindsay Lohan Diss (Statement)

Megan Fox made some startling revelations in her Esquire interview, including a Lindsay Lohan diss. She compared the starlet to Marilyn Monroe and not in a nice way. Today, she was backtracking. Fox issued a statement apologizing to Lohan for comparing her negatively to the ’50s sex siren. Not that her comment was inaccurate. ...
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Elizabeth Taylor Shocker: Sex With JFK and Ronald Reagan

Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, reportedly led a promiscuous private life, despite seven husbands. She allegedly bedded John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, both of whom went on to become presidents of the United States, according to a shocking new tell-all book. Authors Danforth Prince and Darwin Potter claim they spent years tracking down rumors about the “Cleopatra” star’s steamy romances. She also reportedly had affairs with Peter Lawford, who went on to marry JFK’s sister Patricia Kennedy, Errol Flynn, Tony Curtis, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra....