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Holy Brass Balls! Johnny Depp IS Donald Trump in Video Spoof (watch!) 4

Holy Brass Balls! Johnny Depp IS Donald Trump in Video Spoof (watch!)

Johnny Depp is know for creating memorable movie characters, but his portrayal of Donald Trump in a new video spoof by comedy site Funny or Die is one for the record books. He is Donald, right down to the mogul’s brass balls! Depp appears in the movie trailer with an all-star cast that includes Michaela Watkins as ex-wife Ivanka Trump. “Happy Days” star and Howard pal, Henry Winkler, Patton Oswalt, Alfred Molina, Andy Richter, Jack McBrayer, Jacob Tremblay, Stephen Merchant and Paul Scheer....
Walk Like a Man! A White Guy Tests New York Streets for 10 Hours (see!) 8

Walk Like a Man! A White Guy Tests New York Streets for 10 Hours (see!)

What’s it like for your average white guy to walk New York City’s mean streets for ten hours? Will he get the same treatment as catcall girl in another viral video? Funny or die finds out in a hilarious send-up that’s sure to rile feminists. The clip in question was published on YouTube Oct. 28 by a group called Hollaback! It’s designed to call attention to the everyday sexual harassment endured by women who try to make their way down a “typical” New York City street. ...
Kris Humphries Spoofs Kim's Claim That He's Dumb (watch) 10

Kris Humphries Spoofs Kim’s Claim That He’s Dumb (watch)

Kris Humphries is thumbing his nose at estranged wife Kim Kardashian, again, in a new video spoof that reveals he’s super smart. Kim portrayed him as an oafish dolt in one of her reality shows to justify her divorce. The reality show queen called it quits on the marriage just 72 days after a blowout $18 million wedding the yielded two televisions specials and a host of product endorsements....
Charlize Theron Joins Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Club (watch!) 14

Charlize Theron Joins Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Club (watch!)

Charlize Theron has a sex tape, just like sex-tape stars Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. But Charlize’s video is way kinkier. What’s up with that? “The Snow White and the Huntsman” star collaborated with the staff at comedy Web site Funny or Die to produce the so called sex tape. The site actually leaked a rumor on the internet that the star’s phone had been hacked....
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Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber: Watch This Kristen Bell Spoof! (video)

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and other teen celebrities rapidly loading up on tattoos, but Kristen Bell takes the Hollywood fashion statement to an extreme. She does a hilarious spoof on her 214 tattoos, from Chinese symbols to (ugh) tribal bands. The parody, a new Funny or Die sketch, is based on an interview with Bell. She walks the interviewer through her many tattoos, including 72 butterflies, representing each year of Apartheid in South Africa....
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