Hannah Montana

Alison Brie Scorching Hot South of the Border in GQ Mexico (photos!)

Alison Brie, who played the racy, but dutiful wife on the hit AMC show “Mad Men,” likes to have fun in real life and expects her man to have a sense of humor. She’ll supply the sensuality. She goes south of the border to Mexico to show off her alluring beauty in the new Mexican edition of GQ magazine. Here’s an odd piece of trivia about her career. Brie, 32, did a one-episode guest appearance in 2006 on Miley Cyrus’s Disney show “Hannah Montana.” Talk about crossing paths....

Miley Cyrus Nails SNL! Watch the Complete Miley Recap Here!

Miley Cyrus had plenty of material to work with for her guest hosting duties on “Saturday Night Live,” mainly herself. She pulled no punches. She did send ups on her hot, sexual performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, including a hilarious cold open. To kick the show off, SNL vaulted into the future to 2045, a post-apocalyptic world with “Papa Joe” (Kenan Thompson) reminiscing about the end of America....

Miley Cyrus Twerking: Here’s What Dad Billy Ray Thinks (video!)

Miley Cyrus’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus finally weighed in on her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live.” Like any dad, he provided some significant perspective on what Miley is doing and where she’s going. Although Cyrus drew a firestorm of criticism, much of it stemmed from people who continue to identify her as Hannah Montana, from her squeaky clean Disney show....

Miley Cyrus VMA Critics: 10 Reasons Why They’re Off-Base

Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV Music Video Awards continues to generate fearsome reaction from nearly every quarter, ranging from the mainstream media to egg-head publications and, of course, the blogosphere. Most of it has been negative and most of it equally way off-base. Here are ten principal arguments critics are using to lambaste the 20-year old singer and why they are all mostly ridiculous....

Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Critics Overwrought, Humorless, Prudish

Miley Cyrus’s shocking–shocking!–performance on the MTV Video Music Awards is still burning up the Internet as critics wag their fingers and scold her for her risque performance with Robin Thicke. What would Hannah Montana say? But the truth is, she’s no longer Hannah Montana and MTV isn’t the Disney Channel. Her squeaky clean show ended in 2010, nearly three years ago. And, guess what? Miley has grown up. How much longer does she have to be held accountable to a fan base that no longer exists?...

Miley Cyrus Raps on New Song, Blows Off Critics (Listen!)

Miley Cyrus channels Nicki Minaj, rapping on a new song by her collaborator Mike Will Made It. She’s taken some heat for bending her genre, but Miley is right to blow off the critics. Why shouldn’t she experiment. Miley has always charted her own course, going back to her precocious teen years as the star of Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” While she’s always been a little ahead of the game from an age standpoint, she’s an adult now and should be experimenting ...

Miley Cyrus Rides Rails in MTV Video Awards Warm Up (watch!)

Miley Cyrus is making her way to Brooklyn on the R train, except hold the train. Miley struts down the tracks in the hottest of hot pants to help promote MTV’s Video Music Awards. But hey, she’s no party girl. Miley climbs down an escape ladder in stiletto heels, which is no mean feat in itself and joins a procession walking along the tracks. A booming soundtrack covers the 15-second spot while a chorus sings, “No sleep ’til Brooklyn.”...
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Miley Cyrus Rocks a Radical New Punk-Goth Haircut (photos)

Miley Cyrus what have you done now? The actress and singer added some edge to her look with a radical haircut with saved sides. It gives her more of a rocker chick look and actually makes her look younger. Miley, 19, who never could seem to grow up fast enough, took a step back with the edgy punk-goth cut and shared photos with fans over Twitter....
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