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Miley Cyrus Drug Reaction May Have Triggered Deadly Syndrome

Miley Cyrus’s adverse reaction to an antibiotic may have triggered a potentially deadly condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It begins with flu-like symptoms and can grow progressively worse, explaining Miley’s extended hospital stay. Although the condition is rare, it is often triggered by an adverse drug reaction like the one Miley suffered from the antibiotic Cephalexin....

Physician, 67, Will Run New York City Marathon While Juggling

For most people, running a couple of miles is a major challenge, but for psychiatrist Jack Hirschowitz, that’s merely a walk in the park. On Nov. 4, Hirschowitz is seeking to become the oldest person to “joggle” a marathon by running the entire 26.2-mile New York City Marathon while juggling. Joggling has two rules: a runner must juggle at least three balls every step of the way, and if a ball drops, the runner has to return to that point and start again....
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Lindsay Lohan Chain Smoking Taking Toll on Her Health

Lindsay Lohan is rarely seen without a cigarette in her hand. She smokes almost non-stop and it’s finally catching up with her. The Liz & Dick star was hospitalized last night after suffering difficulty breathing. Lohan, 26, was taken to an emergency room in New York City in distress and was reported to be suffering from a lung infection. She was reportedly diagnosed with a case of “walking pneumonia,” according to gossip site TMZ. That’s a common term used for severe lung congestion that progresses beyond a simple head cold or the flu....
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Kelly Clarkson: How I Lost 30 Pounds in Six Months

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson lost an amazing 30 pounds in six months by eating smaller portions and doing lots of cardio exercise. While Kelly, 29, has always insisted she’s happy with her curves, the Grammy winner decided to slim down after she began dating fitness-minded talented manager Brandon Blackstock, 35, the son of her longtime manager....
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Kim Kardashian Pushing Sketchy Diet Pills on Fans… Again!

Kim Kardashian is back on diet pills and pushing them on her 14 million twitter followers, despite a class action lawsuit that questions the products' effectiveness. Kim, who often tweet product endorsements to her twitter fans and rarely if ever discloses that she is paid for doing so sent a message out to her fans today (May 9). Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman, a physician and associate professor at Georgetown University Medical Center, warns that Kardashian's QuickTrim diet supplements, could be dangerous and even fatal....
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Jessica Simpson Totally Pregnant, Totally Bare in Elle (photos!)

Jessica Simpson bulging belly, totally bare, is featured on the cover of Elle magazine, in what has become a rite of passage for pregnant celebrities. Move over Demi... and Cindy... and Christina, and... The striking photos, they're always striking when the model is preggers, show her in the classic pose One arm covers her breasts and the hand of her other arm is just under her belly....
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Kim Kardashian Hard Luck Mounts; Sued Over Diet Pills

Kim Kardashian and sisters Kourtney and Khloe have been named as defendants in a class action that claims the QuickTrim diet pills they promote are nothing more than hyper-doses of caffeine that is unsafe to take. Scott A. Bursor, a partner in the law firm Bursor & Fisher, said last month he was exploring a class action on behalf of QuickTrim users because the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had concluded that caffeine “is not safe or effective for weight loss.”...
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Adele Defies Fat Critics With Stunning Vogue Cover (photo!)

UK singing sensation Adele looks stunning on her just released cover of Vogue magazine. She’s battled comments about her weight, including remarks by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. He called her “too fat.” The cover and magazine feature coincides with the Grammy Awards tonight (Feb. 12), where Adele, 23, is expected to be a major winner for her groundbreaking album 21. It was 2011′s top selling with 17 million copies worldwide....
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