Hillary Clinton millennials

Bernie Backs Clinton on Millennials; Rejects Trump Smear Campaign

Bernie Sanders has rejected Donald Trump's claims that Hillary Clinton called millennial voters "basement dwellers" in a primary campaign shot at Sanders' supporters, who are backing Clinton by double digits in the latest scientific polls. “If you listen to the whole discussion that she had, a very important point that she made is that a lot of young people who went into debt, worked very hard to get a good education, can’t find a job commensurate to the education that they received,” he said. ...

Hillary Clinton #Basement Dwellers: Anatomy of a New Right Wing Smear

Hillary Clinton is being targeted by another right wing smear that’s taking an expression of empathy for millennials and turning it into an expression of contempt for young Bernie Sanders supporters. It’s a case study of twisted words and distorted intentions. The hashtag #basementdwellers started tending today on social media, after the right-wing spin machine tried to insinuate that Clinton used the term as a derogatory characterization of millennials....
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