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Kim Kardashian Desperate for Film Career; Will Hollywood Embrace Her?

Kim Kardashian has everything she could want in life, except credibility and respect. She appears to think she can get both by establishing herself as a film star. But will Hollywood embrace her?Kim wore her ambition on her sleeve at rapper Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. She was reportedly scolded by Beyonce for pushing her way in front of cameras there to film a Ron Howard documentary about Jay-Z and lobbying for a movie role. “Kim was desperate for attention in the VIP area and was getting in the way of cameras that were supposed to be filming Jay-Z,” a source at the festival told gossip site radaronline. “Kim kept saying she was a huge fan of Howard and would love to be cast in one of his films.”...
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Kim Kardashian Will Get No Walk of Fame Star? Wanna Bet?

Kim Kardashian usually gets what she wants, but unless she can break out of reality television into real acting, she’ll never get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to the group that oversees the awards. With an eye on tourism, however, membership has always been pretty loose. Magic Johnson and Muhammad Ali, for example, have stars,...