Joan Rivers Slurs President, Wife Michelle; Irks Gay Community (watch!)

Joan Rivers, who has a large gay following, nonetheless, used gay terms to bash President Obama and wife Michelle Obama, not only insulting the chief executive and first lady, but outraging gays for slurring members of their community. Rivers, who is known for her acerbic comments, leveled the diss in an impromptu interview that was caught on video. As the 81-year-old comedian was exiting a car and entering a building, a cameraman recorded the scene and shouted out a question. ...

Robin Roberts Puts Human Face on Duck Dynasty Star’s Homophobia

Robin Roberts’ decision to reveal she’s gay has made her the latest foot soldier in the battle over homosexuality in America, a fight brought sharply into focus by “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s recent racist and homophobic remarks. The A&E Network, which airs the popular reality show, briefly suspended Robertson for his statements, touching off a backlash that showed widespread sympathy, if not outright support, for his views....

Holy Desecration! Punker Diddles Naked at Westboro Baptist Church

Laura Lush (real name?) bass player for California punk band “Get Shot!” did a dirty on the lawn of the ultra-conservative Westboro Baptist Church. It was a little payback for the church’s hated-filled rants against gays and same-sex marriage. Church founder Fred Phelps has taken his anti-gay crusades across the country and in some cases has picketed funerals of prominent gay activists....
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