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Celeb Hacking Scandal: Who's Who, What the Photos Show, Part 2 2

Celeb Hacking Scandal: Who’s Who, What the Photos Show, Part 2

Amber Heard, Gabrielle Union, Hope Solo and a slew of other celebrities saw their private, mostly nude photos leaked onto the Internet over the weekend. At last count, the photos of 42 celebrities have been confirmed as real, with more leaks reportedly on the way. The hackers claim to have lifted private photos from the iCloud accounts of more than 100 celebrities. Among those hacked so far are Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Scarlett Johannson, Rihanna, Lake Bell and Kaley Cuoco....
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Justin Bieber Kicks Off Dancing With Stars Result Show (watch!)

Justin Bieber put on a dancing exhibition all his own on “Dancing with The Stars” last night. He took the stage in black leather and sang his hit single “As Long As You Love Me.” Meanwhile the ABC show was buffeted by controversy. Pamela Anderson and professional partner Tristan MacManus were dropped Tuesday night on the first live results show. The decision was based on the judges’ scores from Monday night’s premiere performance and home-viewer votes. Former NFL football star Emmitt Smith and partner Cheryl Burke finished in first....