Scarlett Johansson Nearly Tanked Food Charity in U.S., Oxfam CEO Says

Scarlett Johansson’s row with the venerable British food charity Oxfam exploded in a “public relations disaster” that nearly wrecked fundraising efforts in the United States after the charity objected to her shilling for an Israeli beverage company. Oxfam Chief Executive Mark Goldring revealed the fallout from its confrontation with the Hollywood actress today (Dec. 15) during a meeting of charity workers....

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games Backlash; You Won’t Believe Why!

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of “Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2,” is facing a backlash overseas as the final movie in the series is set to open worldwide this weekend. And, you won’t believe the reason why…. or where it’s happening. Lawrence has been featured prominently in the film’s promotion through personal appearances and numerous posters. But her image has been removed from marketing materials in a Middle Eastern country. You'll be shocked when you find out which one. ...

Selena Gomez Jumps Into Mideast Conflict: Plea for Gaza Angers Jews

Selena Gomez has about as much political sense as Kim Kardashian. She posted an Instagram photo urging her fans to “pray for Gaza,” apparently without realizing the political implications of the message. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian voicing support for “Palestine,” or George Clooney supporting neo-fascist groups in the Ukraine, the end result is often embarrassment....

Scarlett Johansson Caught in Tizzy Over Fizzy Water in Israel (video)

Scarlett Johansson has been caught in a tizzy over fizzy water. She’s been signed to rep for SodaStream machines, but the Israeli company that makes them is under fire for building three factories in the West Bank. The supposedly environmentally friendly company has been accused of taking advantage of Palestinians who have few other employment opportunities....
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