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Kristen Stewart Sexy, Androgynous in New Chanel Ads (photos, video!) 2

Kristen Stewart Sexy, Androgynous in New Chanel Ads (photos, video!)

Kristen Stewart embraces androgyny in a new Chanel photo spread for the brand’s new spring/summer 2015 Chanel Eyewear campaign. Karl Lagerfeld personally photographed the “Twilight” actress and released some of the photos today (Apr. 7) on Chanel’s Web site. Stewart, 24, exudes a retro ’50s style, posing with a vintage camera wearing Chanel’s latest eyewear. She evokes the image of a young Jacqueline Kennedy, during her days as a photojournalist....
Jackie Kennedy Still Sealed Talks May Hold Secrets to JFK's Death 6

Jackie Kennedy Still Sealed Talks May Hold Secrets to JFK’s Death

Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy, may hold the secrets to her husband’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. On the 50th anniversary of the President’s death many of those secrets are still hidden and may not be revealed for another half century. Jackie expressed her deepest secrets about her marriage, her husband’s serial philandering, her own affairs and her theories on JFK’s tragic assassination....
Rob Lowe in 'Killing Kennedy,' Another Hit Job on the President? 8

Rob Lowe in ‘Killing Kennedy,’ Another Hit Job on the President?

Ruggedly handsome Rob Lowe gets his turn to play an equally imposing President John F. Kennedy in a new trailer for the National Geographic television movie based on a book by the same name by conservative talking head Bill O’Rielly. It’s hard to tell which is the bigger hit job, O’Rielly’s book or the assassination. The biggest problem with O’Rielly’s “dramatic non-fiction,” as it’s called, is that it does nothing to advance the mystery surrounding the president’s death. ...
Kristen Stewart Sexy in Jackie O's Favorite Fashion Designer (Photos!) 10

Kristen Stewart Sexy in Jackie O’s Favorite Fashion Designer (Photos!)

“Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart exudes sexy sophistication in the UK edition of Elle magazine. The photo spread shows her wearing Jackie O's favorite designer Valentino. Stewart is most often photographed in her preferred jeans, tee-shirts and hoodie jacket with a pair of chucks. But in a series of high-fashion shoots for magazine she epitomizes glamour....
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Kristen Stewart Covers Elle UK; Check Out All Her Covers (photos!)

“Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart continues to make inroads as a fashion icon. She covers the June issue of Elle magazine in the UK with a retro ’60s look that channels the late Jacqueline Kennedy. Stewart, 22, has been there before in a cover shoot for W magazine. She went dark with a ’60s style bouffant hairstyle and dark eyeliner that made her look like a cross between Jackie O and Elizabeth Taylor....