Janice Dickinson

Beverly Johnson, Bill Cosby’s Most Damning Accuser Yet, Tells Her Story

Beverly Johnson, a supermodel from the 1970s who became the first African-American to cover Vogue magazine, has become the latest and most damning accuser yet to charge Bill Cosby with attempted rape after he drugged her. Until Johnson stepped forward in an essay in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, the most prominent victim was Janice Dickinson. And we all know how bat-shit crazy she is. Plus, she fumbled key details of her story a couple of times before putting all the pieces together. But Johnson said the story told by Dickinson, her friend, and other women compelled her to come forward....

Bill Cosby Rapes May Be Linked to Deep-Seated Disorder, Sexual Fetish

Bill Cosby, one of the nation’s most popular comedians, could have easily found willing sexual partners. But his desire to allegedly have sex with drugged, unconscious women may stem from a more deep-seated psychological impulse involving power, control and sexual fetishism. The rare sexual fetish was portrayed in the 2011 movie “Sleeping Beauty,” starring Emily Browning as a young woman who is hired to sleep with men while she’s unconscious. The affliction is known as “sleeping princess syndrome” but also has a medical term, “Somnophilia.”...

Bill Cosby to Janice Dickinson: Your 1982 Rape Claims a ‘Complete Lie’

Bill Cosby, once again responding through a lawyer, says Janice Dickinson’s claims that he drugged and raped her in 1982 in a Lake Tahoe hotel room are a “complete lie.” IM first raised questions about her story yesterday. While most media outlets published Dickinson allegations without questions, IM reported that her story contained glaring loose ends that strained her credibility. Now well-known Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer is on the attack on behalf of the 77-year-old comedian, asserting that Dickinson’s claims are a complete fabrication....

Bill Cosby Comedy Special Pulled on Netflix Amid New Rape Claims

Bill Cosby’s Netflix comedy special, which the streaming service had hoped would mark its entry in a big way into direct competition with HBO, has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of new rape allegations. The move follows a report two days ago in IM urging Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings to pull “Bill Cosby 77.” “The allegations are serious and come from multiple sources,” said IM Editor-in-Chief Keith Girard. “Cosby made matters worse by stonewalling a reporter who asked him to address the allegations....

Janice Dickinson Rape Claims Against Bill Cosby Contain Baffling Holes

Janice Dickinson’s rape claims against Bill Cosby are the most damning yet. But the story she’s told, so far, on “Entertainment Tonight” raise a couple of baffling question about her credibility. If the latest allegations are true, of course, it’s impossible for Cosby to continue stonewalling his accusers — and the public. At least in the case of Dickinson, the allegations are sketchy and demand a response....
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