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Liam Hemsworth Moves On From Miley Cyrus With Fetching Actress 4

Liam Hemsworth Moves On From Miley Cyrus With Fetching Actress

Liam Hemsworth was spotted in Las Vegas on a boy’s weekend out ahead of the official announcement today (Sept 16) that he and Miley Cyrus had called off their engagement. What’s more he spent most of the night with a fetching actress. Hemsworth, 23, and Cyrus, 20, had been rumored to have been on the rocks since August, even though both denied at the time that their relationship was troubled....
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Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka Too Sexy for Her Age? (photos)

Kiernan Shipka, who plays a troubled 12-year-old on the hit show “Mad Men,” looks like trouble in a new Lolita-like photo spread for the U.K magazine Grazia. She wears heavy makeup and high fashion. Shipka, 12, wears a studded Versace dress and Christian Louboutin shoes, not exactly something your average 12-year-old would wear to junior high school....
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Mad Men B*tches Are Back for Season 5; Hot Promos (watch!)

Joan Harris is a girl in trouble. When “Mad Men” season four ended 18 months ago she’d just told Roger she was knocked up. Betty Draper’s been misbehaving too. So will the women get their comeuppance. The two characters, played by Christina Hendricks and January Jones, respectively, were featured in two new promos released today (Feb. 21)....