Jessica Williams

Jon Stewart Samples GOP’s Fulminous Frothing Over Hillary Clinton Campaign

Jon Stewart, like every other political junkie, was anxious to see the Republican (i.e. Fox News) response to Hillary Clinton’s official announcement that she is running for president in 2016. For the most part, he found it… underwhelming. After all, the GOP, metaphorically speaking, has been soaking a 2×4 in motor oil since 2008, just waiting to whack what they consider an easy target. ...

Jon Stewart Irks Fans for Naming One Direction in Terror Satire (see!)

Jon Stewart’s “Senior Pentagon Correspondent” Jessica Williams has discovered a slew of new terror groups, each worse than the other, but is boy band One Direction one of them? Seems so, and fans are upset about it. Stewart and Williams were doing a bit on President Obama’s terrorism speech. The conversation drifted into a hilarious back-and-forth on the rise of new like terror groups like “Al Kill Yall” and “Al Fauq U Up” when Williams interjected. ...
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