Jim Carrey portraits

Jim Carrey Garish Portraits Continue to Define the Trump Political Milieu (See!)

Donald Trump knows how to pull out of a deal if not a porn star. Jim Carrey portrays the president as the Joker from Batman in a new series of garish portraits that capture the Trump political milieu and all of its unsavory dealings. In the latest series of art works, Oliver North, the new president of the National Rifle Association (NRA)is portrayed as serpent in front of an NRA logo oozing blood....

Sean Hannity Joins Jim Carrey’s Gruesome Gallery of Trump Cronies (See!)

Sean Hannity has been immortalized as a detestable, slug-like manatee in a new Jim Carrey painting, joining a cast of other Donald Trump cronies who have befallen Carrey’s terrible, swift paint brush. Michael Cohen, too! Hannity has been one of Trump’s most vociferous supporters on Fox News and was particularly outraged when FBI agents raided the office and home of Trump’s lawyer and fixer. But the conspiracy monger conveniently failed to mention that Cohen was also his lawyer–until the information came out in a court proceeding....
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