Johnny Lewis Dead

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Johnny Lewis Murder Victim Catherine Davis Actors' Patron Saint

Johnny Lewis’s murder of Catherine Chabot Davis is resonating in Hollywood, where the 81-year-old woman was looked on as a patron saint of young actors looking for their first break and other actors down on their luck. Although neighbors in her wealthy Los Feliz neighborhood has described her in less than glowing terms, Val Kilmer, Parker Posey, Thomas Jane, Paula Poundstone, Chris Parnell and others all lived at her house at one time in their careers, according to actor and comedian Taylor Negron, who also resided there and knew Davis well....
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Actor Johnny Lewis May Have Been High on Deadly Designer Drug

Actor Johnny Lewis who went berzerk and killed his 81-year-old landlord, beat three others and died in a fall from a rooftop, either by accident or suicide, may have been taking a relatively new designer drug that causes hallucinations. It will take an autopsy and toxicology tests to determine, what if anything, Lewis was on when he went on his bizarre spree on Wednesday (Sept. 27) in the posh Loz Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Police sources say investigators are trying to determine whether Lewis may have been under the influence of a drug known as C2-I. It’s a a new designer drug and may not be currently legal. On the street, it is known as “smiles.” It’s said to be hallucinogenic, like LSD....
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Actor Johnny Lewis Dead; Dated Katy Perry, Worked With Kristen Stewart

Johnny Lewis, an actor who starred in TV shows “Sons of Anarchy” and “The O.C.” and used to date Katy Perry, apparently went berzerk and murdered an 81-year-old woman, before dying in an apparent leap, or fall from the roof of the woman’s house. Lewis, 28, is well known in Hollywood and has worked steadily since he was a teenager in a variety of roles. He’s appeared in nearly a dozen films, including 2010′s “The Runaways” with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. He dated Perry in 2006 and was frequently photographed with her at events and about town....