Judd Apatow

Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link… Rush Limbaugh

Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post film critic widely criticized for suggesting Elliot Rodger went on a murder spree because of frat boy movies, has at least one media ally, ultra-conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh drew a connection between the murders at the University of California Santa Barbara and the movie “Hunger Games.” On his syndicated radio show, Limbaugh pointed out that Elliot’s father Peter Roger worked as an assistant director on the first movie in the series. ...

Hollywood In Uproar After Film Critic Links Mass Murder to Movies

Seth Rogan and much of Hollywood are raking Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday over the coals for claiming that mass murderer Elliot Rodger is a product of Hollywood’s male-dominated culture and the “sexist, misogynistic” movies it produces. There’s nothing new or original about that. It’s an old saw that gets taken out of the barn anytime a convenient scapegoat is needed to explain something. Hornaday, a government major at Smith College and a Pulitzer finalist in criticism, should know better. ...

Megan Fox Hot, Hilarious in Esquire, ‘This is 40’ Deleted Scene (watch!)

Megan Fox was pregnant wasn’t she? You’d never know she gave birth in September judging by her new photo spread in Esquire magazine. Her pre-baby body is back, but something else has gone slightly whack… her head. Fox, who is starring in the new Judd Apatow movie “This is 40,” is hilarious in a newly released deleted scene with Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd. Maybe she was miscast in all those tacky “Transformer” movies after all. Comedy seems to be her real calling. ...

Jennifer Aniston Teases Wanderlust Nudity; Fat Chance (watch!)

Jennifer Aniston talks a good game about on-screen nudity but don’t expect to see any topless scenes of her in her new movie “Wanderlust.” Some scenes were shot, but Jen was not too happy about them. “Yeah, there was a lot of [nudity],” Aniston, 43, tells ET Canada (See below). “Bottomless, topless. Yeah, there is. It’s happening.”...

Lena Dunham’s Girls: A Sex and City Reality Check (watch!)

Lena Dunham says she grew up on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” But the reality of living in New York City is far different for most twenty-something girls. She draws on her experience for HBO’s new series “Girls.” Dunham 25, has been considered somewhat of a prodigy after her 2009 feature film, “Tiny Furniture,” won for Best Narrative Feature at South-by-Southwest Music and Media Conference. She spent $25,000 shooting it....
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