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Is Downton Abbey Starting to Face a Cultural Backlash in America? 2

Is Downton Abbey Starting to Face a Cultural Backlash in America?

America’s love affair with “Downton Abbey” may be on the rocks. After four seasons, the Crawley family is facing a backlash over their utter disdain for all things American, Lady Cora notwithstanding, of course. Granted the show was written and produced in Britain, but creator and head writer Julian Fellowes seems to take a particular delight in portraying America as a land of uncouth loudmouths and overweening four-flushers....
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Downton Abbey Creator Slams James Cameron's Titanic

Julian Fellowes, who created the acclaimed British series “Downton Abbey,” has slammed Director James Cameron for “inaccuracies” in his epic movie “Titanic.” Fellowes is filming his own version of the ship’s epic sinking. Fellowes said his four-part television mini-series, which will air in the United States, will be much more accurate than the 1997 Hollywood film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet....
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Downton Abbey Creators Tackle Titanic's Class System (watch!)

Julian Fellowes, creator of the hit British series “Downton Abbey,” provides a fresh look at the great Titanic disaster with a special focus on the ship’s rigid class system, from the upper decks to the depth of steerage. The four-part mini-series will portray the ship “in a way that other versions haven’t been,” Fellowes told London’s Daily Mail newspaper. Fascination with the disaster has only intensified since the wreck was found on the sea floor in 1985....