Justin Bieber Boyfriend teaser clip

Justin Bieber Drops His Third Boyfriend Video Tease (watch)

Justin Bieber plans to drop the real thing in one more day, but until then, he’s served up another tantalizing teaser for his “Boyfriend” video. Fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the real thing. Bieber has played a full deck of marketing tricks to raise the interest level in the clip as high as possible. He’s hoping his new album, Believe, will mark a transition in his career....
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Justin Bieber Tests Sex Symbol Role in Boyfriend Tease (watch)

Justin Bieber is testing out his new role as “sex symbol” with the video for his new song “Boyfriend.” A teaser of the clip shows him standing in shadows surrounded by women. They don’t look like the hands of teenyboppers, and one hand wears some funky looking ring with some scary knife-like designs....