Justin Bieber Fisker Karma

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Justin Bieber Needs to Ditch Exotic Car Before He Hurts Someone

Justin Bieber supposedly despises paparazzi, yet he continues to drive around Los Angeles in a car that is a paparazzi magnet. Twice now, he’s caused traffic accidents or near accidents and has received numerous speeding tickets. Isn’t it time to give up the car? The exotic Fisker Karma hybrid electric sports car was a gift from his manager Scooter Braun for his 18th birthday....
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Justin Bieber Blames Wild Freeway Drive on Paparazzi

Justin Bieber has found a scapegoat for his wild and reckless ride down a Los Angeles freeway. The paparazzi made him do it. Justin was pulled over for speeding on Friday (July 6) while being tailed by photographers. As he weaved in and out of traffic in his exotic Fisker Karma sports car at speeds estimated to be between 80mph and 120mph, at least 10 people called emergency 9-1-1 to report him to police....
Is Pop Idol Justin Bieber Becoming a Dennis the Menace? 2

Is Pop Idol Justin Bieber Becoming a Dennis the Menace?

Justin Bieber is in hot water again for speeding in the luxury sports car he received for his 18th birthday. The latest incident suggests a pattern of impulsive behavior that raises questions about his maturity and his ability to manage anger. The 18-year-old singer was stopped by California Highway Patrol on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles today (July 6), for speeding and driving wrecklessly in his high-priced Fisker Karma sports car....