Justin Bieber tattoos

Justin Bieber Stars in Tattoo Show, Courtesy Miami Police (15 photos!)

Justin Bieber was forced pose for photos while in the custody of Miami Beach police, who wanted to document all of his tattoos for identification purposes. You know, in case he ever OD’s on their turf. Bieber was taken into custody Jan 23, after police pulled over his rented $180,000 Lamborghini sports car on suspicion of drag racing. He was ultimately charged with driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license and non-violent resisting arrest....

Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It’s All in the Numbers (photos!)

Selena Gomez is a little behind inking up her body like contemporaries like Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Bieber, but she apparently just one tiny tat isn’t enough. So she got another. She proudly showed off the inking, not too dramatic mind you. It’s the Roman numbera LXXVI tattooed on the back of her neck just below the hairline. The photo was posted by the New York City tattoo artist, Bang, Bang, on his Facebook page. The number, 76 in Arabic, is said to have significance beause it represents a beloved family member. She was reportedly turned on to the place by “Spring Breakers” co-star Vanessa Hudgens....
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Justin Bieber Inks New Tattoo; Leg Now Religious Shrine

Justin Bieber is devoting more skin to Jesus. Now word yet on how Jews for Justin are taking this, but the teen sensation was spotted with another sign of the Lord on his leg over the weekend. The tat is a well-known Christian symbol, a pair of hands clasp together in prayer. It compliments a tattoo portrait of Jesus himself on his left calf....
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Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber: Watch This Kristen Bell Spoof! (video)

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and other teen celebrities rapidly loading up on tattoos, but Kristen Bell takes the Hollywood fashion statement to an extreme. She does a hilarious spoof on her 214 tattoos, from Chinese symbols to (ugh) tribal bands. The parody, a new Funny or Die sketch, is based on an interview with Bell. She walks the interviewer through her many tattoos, including 72 butterflies, representing each year of Apartheid in South Africa....
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