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Kanye West Debuts 'Only One' Video with Nori, Paul McCartney (watch!) 4

Kanye West Debuts ‘Only One’ Video with Nori, Paul McCartney (watch!)

Kanye West released the video for his sentimental ballad “Only One” today (Jan. 29), featured Beatle Paul McCartney on keyboards with appearances by his daughter North West. West dropped the song unexpectedly on New Year’s Day as a tribute to his late-mother Donda, who died in 2007, after a botched plastic surgery procedure. He has yet to name the album. He told Ellen DeGeneres, today, he’s still putting it together. He teased the video on the show....
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Kanye West Debuts as Kim Kardashian Latest Himbo (watch!)

Kanye West made his debut on Kim Kardashian’s reality show in a mutual display of ego-stroking. Talk about a relationship made in market heaven. Kanye, 35, looked like he was walking into a fantasy world on the other side of the looking glass when he peeked into Kim’s hotel room to mark his appearance on the show....
Kanye West Blasts Fan Using Laser Pen at Show (watch!) 8

Kanye West Blasts Fan Using Laser Pen at Show (watch!)

Kanye West doesn’t want any sh*t going down at his concerts, unless it’s coming from him. He blasts a fan in the audience at his Paris show for flashing a blue laser light on stage during the performance. West is traveling with rapper mogul Jay-Z on their “Watch the Throne” tour in Europe last night (June 4) when the incident happened....