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Twilight's Ashley Greene a Stunner at 'Wish I Was Here' Debut (pics!) 8

Twilight’s Ashley Greene a Stunner at ‘Wish I Was Here’ Debut (pics!)

Ashley Greene, “Twlight’s Alice, showed why she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood last night at the Focus Features’ ‘Wish I Was Here’ premiere in Los Angeles. Greene, 27, looked sexy and sophisticated in a figure-hugging cream-colored dress with sheer cutouts and exposed shoulders. The film is directed by Zach Braff and co-written with Adam J. Braff. It also stars Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Joey King and James Avery in his last film. ...
Twilight's Ashley Greene Stretches Body for Oakley 10k Run (photos!) 10

Twilight’s Ashley Greene Stretches Body for Oakley 10k Run (photos!)

Ashley Greene has been lying pretty low since her “Twilight” days, but she resurfaced yesterday (June 14) for the Oakley New York Mini 10K and looked super hot in her tight, tight running clothes. While Greene has done a good job dodging the paparazzi, she’s been hard at work. The 27-year-old actress has three films in the works after last year’s “CBGB” and the Weinstein’s “Random.”...
Amanda Seyfried Set to Top Erotic 'Chloe' in New Film 'Lovelace' (video) 12

Amanda Seyfried Set to Top Erotic ‘Chloe’ in New Film ‘Lovelace’ (video)

Amanda Seyfried will return to on-screen nudity in her upcoming bio-pic “Lovelace.” She’s more experienced than young Hollywood contemporaries thanks to her 2009 role in the movie “Chloe.” A look back at that film shows her at her erotic best. She worked opposite Julianne Moore, who is a veteran of nude scenes in a number of movies, including “The End of the Affair,” “The Big Lebowski,” “Boogie Nights,” “Body of Evidence” and “Short Cuts.” In “Lovelace,” she had the luxury of picking her co-star, Peter Sarsgaard....
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Lea Michelle Loses Her Innocence to Britney Spears' Oops! (watch!)

Lea Michelle gets the honor of performing a sassy rendition of Britney Spears’ racy 2000 hit “Oops I Did It Again.” It takes place in a new promo video for the upcoming episode, “Britney 2.0,” on Fox’s hit show “Glee.” It’s the second episode dedicated to Spears, who was deep into her seductress phase when she sang “Oops!” The episode is sure to ruffle some feathers. The last time the show paid tribute to the pop singer, it drew fire from a conservative family group. The show isn’t pulling any punches this time around....
Kate Hudson Kicks Up Glam Quotient in Harper's Bazaar (photos) 14

Kate Hudson Kicks Up Glam Quotient in Harper’s Bazaar (photos)

Kate Hudson is ready to get back to work now that son Bingham is a year old. Creatively “I’m really looking forward to producing more, and directing. Something comedic,” She says in a new interview. But that doesn’t mean she’s slowing down, or dialing down, her vampiness. In fact, just the opposite. She’s doing a guest-star arc on the hit Fox Show “Glee” that will keep her on her toes....