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NBC to Matt Lauer: Can't Live With Ya, Can't Live Without Ya 6

NBC to Matt Lauer: Can’t Live With Ya, Can’t Live Without Ya

Matt Lauer and NBC are in a death waltz. With the “Today Show” in ruins and Matt the fall guy for Ann Curry’s botched departure, it seems like he ought to go. But NBC can’t let him. Then who does it have? Willie Geist? More like Willie Yikes!!! Instead, the network is doing everything it can to resuscitate Matt’s comatose reputation, hoping their Frankenstein will stop shedding his putrid skin....
Is Ryan Seacrest Ready to Replace Matt Lauer on NBC's 'Today Show?' 8

Is Ryan Seacrest Ready to Replace Matt Lauer on NBC’s ‘Today Show?’

Matt Lauer has been caught in the eye of the storm at NBC’s “Today Show” ever since the controversial ouster of co-host Anne Curry. Now the bulls-eye may be on him, with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest waiting in the wings. Lauer, 54, became a polarizing figure after reports surfaced that he engineered the popular Curry’s exit from the co-host’s chair. She was replaced by the younger and prettier Savannah Guthrie....
Katie Couric: It's War! Lands Wills, Harry Interview (watch!) 10

Katie Couric: It’s War! Lands Wills, Harry Interview (watch!)

Katie Couric has proved her media clout by landing an interview with Prince William and Prince Harry, who provide a rare inside look at the closely guarded Queen of England. The interview, timed to coincide with the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, is a major thumb-of-the-nose at her old network, NBC, the last television news outlet to snag a royal interview, and CBS....
Jon Stewart Hilarious on Sarah Palin's Today Foray (watch!) 12

Jon Stewart Hilarious on Sarah Palin’s Today Foray (watch!)

Matt Lauer and crew at NBC’s “Today Show” thought they were pulling a fast one when Sarah Palin co-hosted the show the same day that Katie Couric was debuted on rival “Good Morning America.” “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart didn’t find it amusing. “Seriously, seriously…It’s the Today Show,” Stewart bellowed in a hilarious send up of the notion. Clearly the Today show was running scared and has no shame....