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Fashion Police Runs Afoul of Political Correctness; Is Show Doomed? (video) 2

Fashion Police Runs Afoul of Political Correctness; Is Show Doomed? (video)

“Fashion Police,” the E! show that’s supposed to present a no-holds-barred look at celebrity fashion, is being wrecked by political correctness and “celebrity friendships” in the wake of long-time host Joan Rivers’ death, raising questions whether it can survive in its current form. Apparently only Rivers has the constitution to call it like she saw them and deflect criticism. Her replacement, tart-tongued Kathy Griffin is the latest to cut and run after the blow up over -ex-co-host Giuliana Rancic’s red-carpet criticism of African-American singer-actress Zendaya....
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Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga: Who’s the Real Bully?

Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga are embroiled in a finger-pointing smack down over who is the bigger bully. If anything, the brouhaha shows how ludicrous the whole debate over bullying has become. Lady Gaga kicked things off when she accused Kelly of being a bully because she noted Gaga’s recent weight gain on television. ...
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Kelly Osbourne Likely Broke Law in Kris Humphries Club Ouster

Kelly Osbourne, reportedly got basketballer Kris Humphries kicked out of the Beacher’s Madhouse club in Los Angeles to support friend Kim Kardashian. But it was a tacky, no-class move that may be illegal. As such, she clearly violated California's strict public accommodations law, which covers a range of public facilities, including bars and restaurants. It bans discrimination of any kind. ...