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Kendall Jenner Vogue Cover Cheered, Jeered on Social Media (See!)

Kendall Jenner, half-sister of reality-tv star Kim Kardashian, scored her first US Vogue cover and was pronounced the “model of her generation” by the fashion Bible, a rare honor that drew both cheers and jeers on social media. Not everyone was throwing confetti, however. Some were throwing shade over the accolade, which most models wait years–if at all–to achieve....
Kendall Jenner Featured in Vogue; Where'd She Get Those Eyebrows! 2

Kendall Jenner Featured in Vogue; Where’d She Get Those Eyebrows!

Kendall Jenner is fast become a favorite of Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The half-sister of Kim Karadshian posed for her second photo spread in the industry’s “fashion bible,” sporting Western wear and some crazy thick eyebrows. Kendall, who turned 19 last month, was the subject of some snark when she first began modeling bikinis at the eye-brow raising age of 15. But she’s matured into a natural, according to stylists who have worked with her....
Kim Kardashian Snubbed as Kendall Jenner Aces Vogue Shoot (photos) 4

Kim Kardashian Snubbed as Kendall Jenner Aces Vogue Shoot (photos)

Kim Kardashian has been trying in vain to get into Vogue magazine for years. But half-sister Kendall Jenner snatch the honor away from her in a stunning haute couture fashion shoot–and she’s barely 18. Kim, 33, has wanted desperately to get in the magazine to validate her own fashion credibility. Even Kanye West has been lobbying Editor Anna Wintour, whom he counts as a personal friend....