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Kim Kardashian Vulgar Interview Offensive to Disabled, Incontinent  (Video) 2

Kim Kardashian Vulgar Interview Offensive to Disabled, Incontinent (Video)

Kim Kardashian betrays her beauty with a vulgar interview that’s narcissistic and offensive to anyone who is disabled and incontinent. She goes off the rails explaining how she has left exacting details about her hair and makeup of she’s too ill to talk… or worse… “shitting on herself.” Yep, Kardashian really said that without apology to those who really are disabled and incontinent....
Kim Kardashian Grammy Gown: Is She in a Bathrobe? (Gotta See This!) 4

Kim Kardashian Grammy Gown: Is She in a Bathrobe? (Gotta See This!)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were a power couple at the 57th Grammy Awards, but all eyes were on the reality television personality. Her shocking gown was split from top to bottom, like she was wearing a bathrobe. Kim’s fashion taste has been over-the-top for years, but her latest outfit broke the sound barrier it was so loud. The gold sequined gown with copious beading was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and left plenty of room to show off Kim’s ample cleavage and slimmed down thighs. Liberace would have been proud....
Kim Kardashian Busts Out All Over at Valentino Paris Show (pics!) 6

Kim Kardashian Busts Out All Over at Valentino Paris Show (pics!)

Kim Kardashian was in signature form at the Valentino Show in Paris today (July 9), wearing an ultra-revealing turquoise dress that exposed her ample cleavage. Was the display too over-the-top for a haute couture show? Kim’s half-sister Kendall Jenner has been one of the hits of Paris Fashion Week, walking in several shows. But all eyes were on Kim, 33, at the Valentino runway event....
Kim Kardashian Devilish in Black for V Magazine (photos!) 10

Kim Kardashian Devilish in Black for V Magazine (photos!)

Kim Kardashian’s dark exotic looks never look better than when she’s wearing black. Stylists at fashion title V magazine figured that out in one of Kim’s hottest photo shoots yet. Kim may be bordering on over-exposure, between her reality shows, her divorce fight and her high-profile relationship with rapper Kanye West. But it doesn’t mean she can’t still turn it on. Still she’s gotten a lot of push back in Hollywood, where a number of A-Listers from Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner and Daniel Craig to Jonah Hill and Kristen Stewart have criticized her for her shallowness an lack of talent....
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Is Kim Kardashian Heading for a Nervous Breakdown?

This has been the summer of Kim Kardashian, and not in a good way. Daily, almost non-stop, for weeks now, she has posted photos of herself on Twitter and Instagram to the point that her behavior seems dangerously compulsive, like she's teetering on the edge. When you count the paparazzi shots, which always seem staged to make a point, Kardashian is the most over-exposed celebrity in history. She makes Paris Hilton, at the height of notoriety, seem almost reclusive....
Kim Kardashian Washes Ashore in Sexy Allure Shoot 12

Kim Kardashian Washes Ashore in Sexy Allure Shoot

Kim Kardashian needs a photo opportunity after months of damning press over her 72-day marriage to Basketball player Kris Humphries. She gets one in Allure. Talk about being washed up. On a beach, that is. That's the theme of the photo shoot, although seeing Kim thoroughly doused in water could be open to multiple interpretations....
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Kim Kardashian's Still Sexy Hot… in South America (12 photos!)

Kim Kardashian is struggling with her image at home, but she’s still commands an audience in South America. She recently posed for Esquire’s Latin American edition. Say what you will about her greed, she’s still one hot senorita… or is that senora? THe realty show queen is in the midst of a nasty divorce with husband of 72 days Kris Humphries, a pro basketball player with the New Jersey Nets. Kim’s decision to go for a quickie divorce after an $18 million blowout wedding touched off a huge backlash....
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Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun at Her Crying; Posts Photos!

Kim Kardashian is never uglier than when she's crying and nobody realizes it more than her. Remarkably, she cries a lot and turned on the waterworks for the finale of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York." But she's joking about it now. The reality show, which is supposed to be about her adventures in New York with sis Kourtney, turned into a wrecking ball for her failed marriage. She tried to portray estranged husband Kris Humphries as an insensitive lout to justify her decision to divorce last October....
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