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Kris Humphries Spoofs Kim's Claim That He's Dumb (watch) 2

Kris Humphries Spoofs Kim’s Claim That He’s Dumb (watch)

Kris Humphries is thumbing his nose at estranged wife Kim Kardashian, again, in a new video spoof that reveals he’s super smart. Kim portrayed him as an oafish dolt in one of her reality shows to justify her divorce. The reality show queen called it quits on the marriage just 72 days after a blowout $18 million wedding the yielded two televisions specials and a host of product endorsements....
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Kim Kardashian Sudden Weight Gain: Is She Depressed?

Kim Kardashian claims to have found “the one” in rapper Kanye West, but her body says otherwise. Kim has clearly been overeating, causing her weight to balloon. That’s usually a sign of unhappiness and depression. Both men and women turn to comfort food when they are unhappy and the result can adds inches to their waists and hips. Kim allegedly bed-hopped with Gabriel Aubry, John Mayer, Michael Copon, Miles Austin, Cristiano Ronaldo and Shengo Dean. But no Kanye. He only got his shot after Kim was damaged goods....
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Is Kim Kardashian Heading for a Nervous Breakdown?

This has been the summer of Kim Kardashian, and not in a good way. Daily, almost non-stop, for weeks now, she has posted photos of herself on Twitter and Instagram to the point that her behavior seems dangerously compulsive, like she's teetering on the edge. When you count the paparazzi shots, which always seem staged to make a point, Kardashian is the most over-exposed celebrity in history. She makes Paris Hilton, at the height of notoriety, seem almost reclusive....
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Myla Sinanaj Comes Clean on Kris Humphries Pregnancy

Myla Sinanaj, the maybe, or maybe not girlfriend of Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kris Humphries acknowledged today (July 10) that she is not pregnant with the baskeballer’s baby or anyone else’s. And she’s shocked… shocked at the rumor! TheImproper reported last week that Sinanaj was likely lying after one of her ex-boyfriends said he’d heard it all before....
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Kim Kardashian Alleged Plastic Surgery Junkie, Disses Fans

Kim Kardashian has more than 15 million Twitter followers, but she is so disdainful of her fans she calls them “gullible,” “stupid imbeciles,” “boring little nobodies” and “pathetic people with no lives of their own.” The bombshell is reportedly contained in text messages and emails that Kim sent to estranged husband Kris Humphries during their courtship and brief marriage....
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Kris Humphries Caught in Tiger Woods Sex Trap

Kris Humphries is making all the wrong moves in his spat with reputed girlfriend Myla Sinanaj and is falling into the same trap that snared golfer Tiger Woods in his sex scandal. The New Jersey Nets basketball player has been wrangling with the Kim Kardashian look-a-like over whether she was, or wasn't, his girlfriend over a five-month period....
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Kris Humphries New Evidence in Kim Kardashian Fraud Case

Kris Humphries believes he was set up, just to be knocked down on Kim Kardashian’s New York reality show, “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.” And has evidence to prove it for his upcoming divorce trial, according to reports. In the newest development, the NBA basketball player claims he has evidence one of the show’s most damaging scenes of him was staged to make him look insensitive and homophobic....
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Does Kim Kardashian Fear New Backlash Over Kayne West?

Kim Kardashian has been glowing in the arms of Kanye West as they tested public reaction to their dating, but suddenly Kim is acting like she's fearful of another backlash she can't afford. The change of heart could have been triggered by singer Beyonce, who reportedly has no plans to be seen with Kim, even though Kayne and her husband Jay-Z are good friends....
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Khloe Kardashian Hypes Drama as Show Ratings Stumble

Khloe Kardashian's life with Lamar Odom has been all over the map lately. First she's on the verge of divorce; then they're cuddling for the cameras. She's having a baby; she's not having a baby. What gives? In a word... ratings. The sister of Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian appears to be pulling every reality show trick in the book to draw viewers to her flagging show "Khloe and Lamar" on E! Entertainment....
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Bruce Jenner Wary of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Hookup

Bruce Jenner thinks step-daughter Kim Kardashian may be rushing into a relationship with rapper Kanye West and he’s not totally on board with it. But Kayne isn’t the problem. Jenner was giving a speech at Northeastern University in Boston –god knows what on — when the question came up in the crowd. He was asked how he felt about the budding relationship....
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Did Khloe Kardashian Ruin Lamar Odom's NBA Game?

While Khloe Kardashian was busy on the talk show circuit trashing sister Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kris Humphries, her own husband’s NBA career was going down the toilet. Today Lamar Odom was flushed out of the league. Lamar’s career began to spiral downward after he was traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks. He hasn’t been the same....
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Can Kendall Jenner Avoid Kim Kardashian Curse? (photos!)

Kendall Jenner and sis Kyle are the new stars of the Kardashian clan. Both are tall and beautiful and so unlike their half sisters, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Will they escape their curse? Kendall just posted a bunch of personal photos that shows her carefree and having fun on vacation, a little sister anyone would want. But will family pressures ruin them?...
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Is Kanye West Using Kim Kardashian to Hype His Music?

Rapper Kanye West’s relationship with Kim Kardashian’s seems like a match made in marketing heaven. Kim is damaged goods after her devastating breakup with Kris Humphries so dating West restores some credibility. But what’s he getting out of it? Plenty as it turns out. West may have more on his agenda that love. In his new song, called “Mercy,” he raps the line “Don’t do no press but I get the most press, kid.”...
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Kanye West Fuels Kim Kardashian Affair Allegations

Kanye West is throwing gasoline on Kim Kardashian’s bonfire of a divorce fight by intimating that he and Kim were close while she was seeing estranged husband Kris Humphries. West, 34, who has been known to be full of himself, unveiled a new song “Theraflu” during an interview on New York’s Hot 97 radio station that suggests he had an affair during Kim’s marriage....
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Kris Humphries Ready to Charge Kim Kardashian With Cheating

Kris Humphries is reportedly ready to claim that Kim Kardashian was cheating all along during their courtship and marriage with rap star Kayne West. Believe it? It's the latest tabloid claim in the couple's heated divorce battle. Humphries' lawyers have complained that Kardashian has been trashing Kris with lies and falsehoods in an effort to justify her decision to divorce him after 72-days of marriage....
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Kris Humphries Prying Lid Off Kim Kardashian Finances

Kris Humphries is hitting estranged wife Kim Kardashian where it hurts most, in her financial balance sheet. He’s demanding in court to know how much money they earned during their 72-day marriage. The latest move in court suggests that behind-the-scenes talks to negotiate an end to the marriage have broken down. The filing ups the pressure on Kim to reveal her secretive finances....
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Khloe Kardashian Struggling to Hold Onto Marriage?

Khloe Kardashian, who bashed basketballer Kris Humphries before and after his marriage to sister Kim Kardashian, had better mind her own knitting. New reports claim she could be heading for a divorce. Husband Lamar Odom apparently can't shake his obsession with strippers. He keeps going out to clubs while Khloe's inability to have a baby has caused strife, according to a new tabloid report....
Kendall Jenner, 16, Tweets Racy Bikini Photo; Appropriate? 6

Kendall Jenner, 16, Tweets Racy Bikini Photo; Appropriate?

Kendall Jenner, half-sister of reality personality Kim Kardashian, posted a racy bikini photo on Twitter that shows her almost falling out of her skimpy bikini top. At 16, the photo raises questions about age appropriateness. Despite her young age, the statuesque Kendall has already done several professional bikini photo shoots that have raised eyebrows because of they way she is being sexualized....
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Kim Kardashian Tells Jay Leno She Did It for Love, Got It?

Kim Kardashian relieved sister Khloe Kardashian from defending her on talk shows, and appeared on Jay Leno last night. She reasserted that she married Kris Humphries for love. Kim sparked a huge media backlash that crippled her credibility after deciding to divorce Humphries just 72 days after their blowout $18 million wedding, from which both profited handsomely....
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