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Kristen Stewart's 'On the Road' Inspires Fashion Look (photos!)

Kristen Stewart’s new movie “On the Road” is inspiring a new retro fashion trend. It capitalizes on the free spirited look and feel of the Jack Kerouac novel, which helped define the Beat Generation in the 1950s and later the counterculture movement. The photo spread is featured in the upcoming issue of Glamour Germany that features Stewart on the cover. Models Chelsea Schuchman, Connor Stanley and Charles Davis are stand-ins for Stewart and co-stars Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund....
Kristen Stewart Hot, But Soul-Sucking in Glamour (photos) 2

Kristen Stewart Hot, But Soul-Sucking in Glamour (photos)

Kristen Stewart really needs a reality check. She comes off sounding pretentious and condescending in a new interview with the German edition of Glamour magazine. Can she really be that dense? Or, maybe its the translation. Stewart, 22, looks like a million dollars, of course, but she makes some startling assumptions about herself that suggest she’s totally self-absorbed or extremely narcissistic. While those two traits are certainly abundant in Hollywood, Stewart is the one who portrays herself as anti-Hollywood. Yet she has no problem putting herself on an artistic pedestal....