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Kristen Stewart Most Candid Yet on American Ultra Tour (19 photos!)

Kristen Stewart would never be accused of being an open book, but she’s been more candid than ever about who she is and what she thinks on her promo tour for her upcoming movie “American Ultra.” Could it be a sign of maturity? At 25, she has to be happy about where she is in her acting career and it shows in her latest film. “American Ultra,” with Jesse Eisenberg. It’s a dark comedic romp....
Kristen Stewart Age of Innocence Before Twilight (photos!) 2

Kristen Stewart Age of Innocence Before Twilight (photos!)

Kristen Stewart is a different woman today after her scandalous affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders. But there was a time, two years before “Twilight, when she had a fresh-faced innocence. Photos from a 2006 interview with Nylon magazine capture her spirit. In the wake of her sordid affair, outtakes from the session have gone viral and they are noteworthy because they portray her in a totally different light....